South Lake Tahoe – A Summer Weekend

Lake Tahoe is a perfect weekend getaway for those who want to get outside of the city and out into nature. With the incredibly blue massive lake surrounded by mountains straddling the border of Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe offers a little bit of everything.

Due to its size, Tahoe is generally split into two areas – North Tahoe and South Tahoe. South Tahoe tends to be more touristy with more of a party atmosphere, while North Tahoe tends to be more laid back and nature oriented – but that doesn’t mean that South Lake Tahoe has any lack of beautiful nature or activities.

Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe

Maggie’s Peak

This was hands down my favorite thing we did in Tahoe. After doing quite a bit of research on the different hiking trails in Lake Tahoe this seemed to yield the most rewarding views. Though this was also one of the more difficult trails in the area, it is well worth it. A steep 2 mile hike will take you up to Granite Lake and then to Maggie’s Peak, which is high enough that you can see all of Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, and a good amount of Lake Tahoe.


View from the top of Maggie’s Peak

Emerald Bay

This is the jewel of South Lake Tahoe. A beautiful bay with a small island in the middle. You can see this my simply stopping at a view point on the road or doing one of the nearby hikes. The hikes will give you a better view, as they will get you up above some of the trees.


Emerald Bay

Rent A Boat

We rented a boat from Lake Side Marina. Renting a boat is a great way to get out on the water and explore Lake Tahoe from the water. It is a big lake and can get pretty windy and choppy – so we headed for Emerald Bay and chilled there. You can jump out of the boat and swim in the calm waters of the bay and even explore the island if you want!


South Tahoe Marina

Cliff Jumping at Angora Lakes

Cliff jumping is something that always gets people excited. Angora Lakes has some great cliff jumping for all levels of jumpers, and all levels of bravery. It takes a short 1 mile hike to get to the the lake, but once you are there it is quite beautiful with a small beach on one side, and large cliffs perfect for jumping off on the other side. The lake is small, so you can either swim or hike around to get to the cliffs. The cliffs range from 15 ft to 60 ft, for daredevils.


Angora Lake Cliffs – Low Rocks on the left are about 15 feet, larger rock  on the right is up to 60 ft

Visit the East Shore

Even though South Tahoe has beaches, some of the more beautiful beaches can be found on the East Shore. Specifically, Hidden Beach. With its terrifcally clear water and large rocks this makes it a beautiful place to relax and do some sun bathing during the day.


Hidden Beach


Another big pull to South Lake Tahoe over North Lake Tahoe is the casinos. Since South Lake Tahoe sits right on the border of Nevada and California, there is no shortage of Casino’s right at the Nevada side of the border. Heads up though, these aren’t cheap, with most having $25 minimum black jack hands.


Harrah’s Casinno – South Lake Tahoe


Other Recommended Hiking

Some other recommended hikes we didn’t have a chance to try:

  • Cascade Falls – 1.4 miles out and back
  • Eagle Lake – 1.8 miles our and back
  • Echo Lakes – 5 miles out and back



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