Zion National Park – Weekend Guide

The three sisters did our first ever sister trip this past winter out to Zion National Park. It was only supposed to be a weekend trip and we were planning to hit Zion and Bryce Canyon since they were so close together. However, due to a cancelled flight and some hectic rescheduling we ended up with only 1 day to explore the National Park. So here is our guide for one day in Zion.

Zion in One Day

Angel’s Landing

The biggest must-do at Zion is the Angel’s Landing hike. This is known as one of the best hikes in the US, and with good reason. This is a 5 mile round-trip hike, that will take approximately between 4-5 hours. This challenging uphill hike will take you up a 1,400ft elevation gain. Getting on the trail early will allow you to hike in the share and will help you avoid the crowds on this popular hike. Although this hike some times gets a reputation for being scary with exposure to drop offs, we did not find it to be scary – so unless you have a fear of heights, I would highly recommend going all the way to the top. In addition there is a chain railing that is put in along the steeper part of the rails, to help make you feel more secure. The peak of the hike gives you an incredible view of the valley with large mountains on either side. Totally worth the hike, and one of the most beautiful hiking summits.


Angel’s Landing

The Narrows

The Narrow’s is the one of the most unique hikes I have ever done. This hike is actually up a running river in the narrow canyons of Zion. The entire hike can be up to 11 miles, though visitors can just do shorter versions of the trail by trailing up river and turning back when they have their fill. The river can run quite fast at different times of year – so make sure to check the water rate before attempting this hike. This hike also requires some consideration of gear since you will be mostly knee deep in water the entire hike. The water level ranges from ankle deal up to waist deep, or even deeper at certain times of year. It doesn’t help that the water is extremely cold, so you will want to make sure you are wearing something to keep you warm, especially your toes.


The Narrows

Lower Emerald Pool

After Angel’s Landing a short hike that also begins at the same trailhead is Lower Emerald Pool. This trail is less than half a mile, and can be completed really quickly after completing Angel’s Landing.


Waterfall at Lower Emerald Pool

The Watchman Trail

This is a 3 mile out and back trail that starts from the Watchman Campgrounds. This 300 ft elevation grain hike takes you to an incredible view point with amazing views all the way up.


Watchman Trail View


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